Is Data Scientist an IT Job?

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Are you a fresh college graduate and looking forward to building a lucrative career? Well, data science and big data analytics are new players in potential job domains. The demand for data analytics experts is at a surge. Why? Because businesses hustle a lot with huge & raw data sets. You can learn data science and get into the data scientists career path. But, wait. Before that, you need to know if data scientist is an in-demand IT job or not.

Is Data Science an Information Technology (IT) Job?

Many people fail to understand the nature of a data scientist's job. Since data science is an interdisciplinary role, you might be confused about whether data scientist jobs fall under the category of IT jobs or not.

Is data scientist an IT job - the answer is Yes. Just like data analysis and software engineering, a data scientist is also an IT job. Nevertheless, many still argue that data scientists are not supposed to be technical. But, keep in mind that this job role involves writing a lot of code. So, it is always technical.

Data scientists have less technical career paths. As a data scientist, you need to write SQL code for analyzing data. Don't you think all of these sound quite IT? It does.

What Describes a Job as an IT?

Information Technology or IT jobs involve technical support. Any job that helps other organizations use particular technologies is termed an IT job. To name a few popular IT jobs - Programmer Analyst, Computer Consultant, Systems Administrator, etc. Professionals working in these IT sectors help their organization in understanding & utilizing a particular technology within a business.

Data Scientist: an IT-enabled Job Profile

Based on the IT job's definition, we can call a data scientist job an ITES job. Data Scientists focus on helping organizations and businesses use datasets for decision-making. And this is what most IT jobs focus on, i.e., helping their organization operate a technology.

A database administrator is one of the most popular IT job roles. A database administrator assists staff members to use and handle the organization's database systems. Similar to this, a Data Scientist assists the organization handling and operating its data to develop smarter solutions. Data scientist is an ITEs job where professionals help the leaders of their company to make informed decisions.

A data scientist degree enables you to acquire the job role of a Data scientist. As a data scientist, you must be proficient in handling large amounts of data and deriving business value. Remember, data scientists fulfill many aspects of information technology. These IT aspects include programming and computer science.

To be in a data scientist job role, you have to master the basics of IT. Without a proper familiarity with information technology, data scientists won't be able to work effectively. Hence, we can say that yes, the Data Scientist job for freshers can be mentioned under the IT section.

Get Experience in IT to get a Lucrative job as Data Scientists

Data science is a vast area to explore in 2022. You have to have a certain level of experience in IT to get a job as a data scientist. Coding in the Python programming language is a must. Individuals who manage to complete courses and get data science certification have a bright future in the field of data science.

To land onto a lucrative data scientist career path, try to master basic statistics knowledge. Aspirants who learn from scratch can gain experience in the technology with a globally recognized data science certification.

Data Science Python Courses for Data Scientist Jobs

The Data Science course is designed to offer solid IT foundations in Data Science and Machine Learning. Today, there are several online data science internship programs that teach you Python expertise to ensure a successful career as a data scientist. You must pursue a Data Science with Python course in 2022. In such courses, you're introduced to Data Science following the job outlook and market requirements.

Basics of Statistics, Advanced Statistics Concepts, Introduction to Python Programming, Hands-on Applied Statistics Concepts, & Control Structures, and Data Structures in Python are some skills taught in data science courses.

Future Scope of Jobs for Data Scientists

In India, the average salary of a Data Scientist is 10.5 Lakhs per year (₹87.5k per month). Companies pay lucrative salaries to data science professionals. It is because these professionals are highly skilled experts in various IT domains. Be it marketing analysis or competitive analysis, data science is always there to help. The demand for data scientists is increasing and will only increase. Globally, there has been a sudden surge in demand for data scientists. You can now pursue a data science course to keep up with this demand.


In conclusion, we can say that data science jobs, especially data scientists and data analysts fall under the IT category. You might argue that data science isn't an IT job. Be it so, the answer largely depends on the company structure and how it is applied. In case you want to explore more about data science in detail, you can enroll for the courses offered by The IoT Academy.



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