What is White Hat SEO — Quick Guide to Know White Label SEO

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SEO is a proven way to drive more traffic than other organic activities on social media. Thus, businesses are investing in SEO services as a part of marketing campaigns. But, like many other techniques, SEO has various ways to achieve a goal. SEO experts may use either a white or a black hat SEO.

White hat SEO follows publicly available instructions or rules by search engines to improve websites. Read this article to learn more about this SEO practice and why you should choose it.

How Does It Work?

Below are white hat methods for SEO to improve your site’s ranking in organic search results:

1. Publish high-quality content

The most common white hat SEO practice is publishing original high-quality content. It can be an article, a blog post, or a landing page. Everything unique and valuable helps your website to rank for a new keyword.

2. Creating quality backlinks

Backlinks are external links that connect with your website. Your website can receive a link from another trustworthy website. It means that the other website trusts your content enough to share it with its users. This is a positive sign for search engines.

Thus an important component of a white label SEO approach is a good white label link building.

3. Use relevant keywords

You can optimize your site to include keywords related to common search terms. Start with performing relevant keyword research and then place them in your content in a genuine way. You can also include keywords in title tags, headings, or meta descriptions.

4. Configure crawler settings

Search engine crawlers attempt to crawl every page on a website by default. Search engines use several white hat SEO tools to guide crawlers where to move. There are additional tools that you can use to guide crawlers. They may be a sitemap, robots.txt file, and index/noindex meta tags.

5. Better user experience

Search engines prefer websites that load fast and are easy to use on all devices. Thus, improving your website’s mobile or tablet experience is an effective white hat technique for SEO. Moreover, you can use Google diagnostic tools like its Page Speed Insights and Mobile-Friendly Test, to improve the user experience.

Why Are White Hat SEO Techniques Important?

If any business fails to engage in approved SEO practices, its site may be banned from Google and other search engines. Billions of users visit Google per day, and each visit has the potential for your site to be visited by a new user.

Google is an efficient source of traffic to any website, and being banned on Google means a greater loss for a business. It can also result in a drop in website traffic and even profit. Therefore, engaging in white label search engine optimization may save you from these negative consequences.

What Does a Well-Optimized Website look like?

Any website should be well-optimized and show their expertise in their domain. Every user wants genuine providers to show up at the top of organic search results. Similarly, every business wants serious visitors to their website.

Therefore, if you want your website to grab user’s attention, look at their demand. So focus on offering what your client needs, and browse different pages. Pay attention to details like:

  • What is the speed of loading pages
  • How easily you can navigate through the site
  • How clear and relevant the content is

If the answers to the above are positive, then you have a good white label SEO optimization. This is what you are offering to clients, so you are likely to attract greater traffic. As you browse through your website, look for social proof as well. Go through the reviews of existing or previous clients and see what changes you can make to improve your services.


With these white hat SEO practices, you can boost your website’s ranking in organic search results. They also help you build a lasting SEO strategy. As a result, your visibility on the SERP will help you attract the audiences looking for your products and services. For more digital marketing strategies, join the best digital marketing course by The IoT Academy!



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